2 servers, 1 cup

Actually its 1 IP-adress, but 2G1C jokes never get old!

Issue: I, as most others, only have one public IP.  I also got plans for several services I need to be able to connect to from outside my home and network. As mentioned in former posts, I’ll be running multiple virtual machines.

Solution: Reverse proxy. Yep, that is a expression I learned about a couple days ago.

Simple topology of a reverse proxy

After some intense googling (there seems to be absolutely no complete guides for this, unless you know exactly what to look for), I got it working. I used an old Raspberry Pi 2 Model B I had lying around. Its only purpose in life is pretending to be a real server…

Step 1 – Install Linux

Since I’m using a Raspberry Pi I installed raspbian, because its Debian based and I like Debian.

Step 2 – Install updates and Apache web server

Step 3 – Enable proxy and configuration

This will enable the proxy-module. Next up is configuring the config file.

I used this config:

The just restart the apache service.


This makes the Raspberry Proxy a landing site web-server. I directed a few subdomains to my public IP, and whenever I use one that is NOT defined in the config I get the proxy web site. Perfect!