Dropping the Dropbox

It has been years since I started using Dropbox. It lets me sync my files between my devices, while keeping a copy in the cloud. Perfect for everything you dont want to loose. They even had different “activities” you could do to gain more disk space. Right now I got 9.4GB, which is more than enough to keep all my school work, previous job applications, my resume and other documents. I even use it to sync the pictures from my phone. This however is where the problems begin. When dealing with pictures and other, bigger files, the 9.4GB is to little. I could upgrade to an unlimited plan of course, it doesn’t even cost much. Less than 10 Euros a month for 1TB of space. But I already pay for Jottacloud, which is about 50 Euros per year for “unlimited” space. I dont use Jottacloud for the syncing however. With Jottacloud I can backup selected folders, with no need to sync everything back and forth wasting bandwidth. So I need a system to sync my phone and computers, which is also capable of backing up selected folders to Jottacloud.

I periodically need to copy my pictures elsewhere and delete them from my dropbox account to not run out of space.
I periodically need to copy my pictures elsewhere and delete them from my dropbox account to not run out of space.

Enter ownCloud. Dropbox running on my own server, with unlimited space and all the same possibilities. It is open source and seems to have a ton of addons. It runs on a webserver and got a good manual. Running the cloud on my own server also gives me more freedom with what to do with the files. As mentioned, I want to select specific folders for backup to the Jottacloud. With administrator access only my skills and fantasy sets the limit here.

This is not a “no work needed” kind of deal though. I currently have a windows server, running a web server and the Jottacloud backup program. The reason for this is because Jottacloud is Windows/Mac only. No Linux support. I have no problems running a windows server, but I really want to learn Linux better. Luckily I have a few functioning computers lying around, so I have the possibility to run both Linux and Windows servers. In the future I might look into using a Python script to do the backup, but this is not as straight forward as using the program running on a Windows machine…

I will write about the installation process of Linux and ownCloud in a later post.

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