Back in business!

Wow, its almost been half a year since my last post. The time available for project just wasnt there between my paternity leave, summer vacation and other stuff. Like procrastination.

But here I am, back in business, ready to continue with the different projects I got in my head. First off; back to the weather station.

The temperature reading is done, but as I mentioned in another post I ran into some hiccups when sending and receiving the data. After investigating potential solutions I discovered that the library I used, VirtualWire, is no longer supported*. It is instead replaced by a new, and possibly better, library called RadioHead. Meaning half of my code is obsolete and needs to be redone. At a glance it looks similar, but after 5 months without writing a single line of code I need to get my head around it. So next step will be to figure that out.

I did however find a nice link for getting the arduino talk to the Raspberry Pi. The RPi is the true brains behind this project, and will be connected to a 7 inch display to show all kinds of cool data. I hope. Using the quick guide found here it turns out the Pi just needs a serial python library to be set. The rest is like reading the data off of the serial monitor in the Arduino software. Which should make the data easy to use with Python.

So what is the plan?

  • Fix the wireless communication between the Arduinos.
  • Connect the humidity sensor and the barometer
  • Clean up the code for the Arduinos.

When all this is done its time to get the RPi connected to the display and start thinking of an interface. But this is most likely some time in the future. Hopefully I will be posting more updates in the coming days and weeks.



Seems the VirtualWire library was obsolete long ago, but I failed to realize it until now. Oh well.

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